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The Client Demographics Tab of the Client Workbook
This shows what the Intake/Discharge tab might look like for a typical shelter Client
W.I.S.H. has a full Safety Plan documentation tool. This tab shows what a Safety Plan might look like for a Client at your shelter
Crisis Calls and Walk-Ins are easily tracked with this screen
Statistics are gathered for Crisis Calls and anonymous Walk-ins with this tab on the Crisis Call screen
You can track both Series and non-Series groups easily in W.I.S.H.. The information automatically forms part of the Client Workbook
Children have their own Workbook too in W.I.S.H.. This is a sample which shows some custody and schooling details. Notice how the Child is attached to the parent at the top of the screen
Abuser details are recorded and can be cross referenced between Clients reporting the same abuser. Of course this photo is a sample picture! LOL.
There are various menus and popup displays in WISH. This is one of them
W.I.S.H. has a built in Agenda and Calendar for use. You can build individual, team and 'resource' calendars
Day End for the shelter is a piece of cake. Generate the list and verify that the list of clients staying in the shelter is correct.
There are many different reports that can be printed. Here is the main Reports Menu
This is the main W.I.S.H. Menu Panel showing the black slideout Dashboard. The Dashboard raises the attention of certain items by showing them in green



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