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for the Clients
This page outlines the benefits of using W.I.S.H.™ at your shelter for your Clients
for the Frontline
This page outlines what your staff will like about Women In Safe Housing® shelter software
for the Shelter
This page outlines what shelter administration will gain by using W.I.S.H.™ in your shelter
Product Information:Screen Shot Gallery
This is a collection of some random screen shots of the software program. You will see how clear and logical the screens are and get an idea of just how easy it is to use W.I.S.H.™
Product Information:Features
W.I.S.H.™ has a long list of features and benefits. This page maps them out for you.
Product Information:Requirements & Pricing
Here you will find information about and links to get the software requirements and costing details
Contact Us
This page has our toll-free phone number and will link to our Corporate site where you can find out other ways to connect with us.

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