You can install W.I.S.H.™ as a Windows Desktop program OR access WebWISH™ as a service using your internet browser

W.I.S.H. software offers an impressive list of features, which include:

     Multi-user (field locking allows multiple people into same screen and record at the same time)
     Easy to maintain Code lists (ADM only)
     Bilingual screens
     Client Workbook
             Physical Description including photo and client demographics
             Do Not Admit and Conditional Admit, Risk, Dietary and Safety Plan flags
             Medical, rules for contact, Emergency contact, Doctor Dentist, Vehicle info., Risk to Shelter
             Phonetic name search tool helps find mis-spelled or hard to spell names
             Address archives
             Children (see Child Workbook)
             Abuser info
             Attach to external files such as Word documents, scanned forms, etc.
             Registered Program
             Residential Stays
             Track statistics on pets and animals connected to women staying in the shelter
             Intake & Discharge Task Checklist
             Timelogs. Service delivery – Date, Time and duration
             Case Notes (open or locked to author), by category
             Safety Plan, Service Plan, Transition Plan documenting tool.
             Client goal setting
             Police Involvement
             Controlled access to client file for privacy and conflict of interest cases
             And more
     Child Workbook
             Physical Description and demographics with photo
             Custody info and court details
             Emergency contact, Doctor, Dentist, Meds, Allergies, Conditions
             Schooling information
             Case Notes
             CAS (Children’s Aid) involvement logs
             And more.
     Crisis Calls/Walk-ins
             Build in your own Risk Assessment Tool and Pre-screen forms
             Create a call "script" to ensure proper protocols/language during call
             Searches Abuser name list and Do Not Admit list automatically.
             And more.
     Group Functions (Handles both “Open” and “Closed” type groups)
     User designed Forms and Questionnairessuch as Intake/Discharge, Pre-screen or survey forms all which track and report statistics automatically
     Employee Timelog for non-client related time (ie study, admin, etc.)
     Police and Emergency Services** Contacts including response scoring
     Searchable centralized Outside Service Provider “rolodex”.
     Track Bus/Taxi passes distributed to clients.
     Inter-staff Memos for use in shelters that do not have staff email
             Approximately 780 Standard Statistical Groupings + unlimited customized statistical functions will provide your agency with the most robust set of statistics available.
             Set up statistical formulas to extract stats that are reported frequently into a "boiled down" compact report for easy reporting at stat time.
             Detailed stat report includes pie charts for each of the 1400+ statistical elements.
             Special stat reports such as Recidivism and statistical breakdown of multiple choice form questions add further dimension.
             Stats report shows Monthly, Quarterly and Year to date.
             Keeps all historical statistical data by fiscal year.
             Tracks multiple fiscal year ends at the same time. For example: April to March, and January to December.
             Have more than 1 shelter? Stats are tracked separately AND together.
     Staff Log Book (Communication Log)
     Individual and Team Staff Agenda scheduler built right in.
     Search by abuser name to find “chronic abusers” logged in your system
     Flexible Code setup for all screens and many modifiable screen options all controlled by the shelter’s admin team
     Merge Client/Children records when duplicates have been entered by staff.
    Logins require password and passwords are stored in encrypted values.
    Add the optional WISH-PMP messaging portal and you can respond to Text Messages from your client directly from your computer.
And more….

You'll love this because your shelter ADMIN TEAM can construct and modify these codes/forms to match their shelter’s changing needs.


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